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Hi, I'm Gary Bacon.

Product Designer. UX Designer. Lifetime learner.

UX Designer & Researcher.
Lifetime learner.

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Photo of Brian Johnson

Gary's understanding of what his clients need even before they do is astounding. He was able to see my vision, understand my tenacity for perfection and work under tight deadlines.

In short, he should be hired at all costs when setting a new bar with new imaginative ideas.

Brian Johnson
Creative Director of Design at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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I worked directly with Gary as our UI designer. He was responsible for creating the site that housed all of our content. He made sure that all our needs were addressed and that we were able to keep our content in the format we needed.

His attention to detail and focus on results were invaluable to our team. Would definitely work with him again.

Anne Stevenson
Content Manager at Stansberry Research

Photo of Sarah Negugogor

Gary is a true professional who pours his passion into his work. He dives into every part of the design process, from figuring out user requirements to implementing his designs in code.

His expertise in all these areas makes him an invaluable resource to any product team. He drives the people around him to excellence, and demands excellence from himself.

Sarah Negugogor
UI/UX Design Lead at NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc.

Photo of Jim Kozlowski

Life long learner is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Gary. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gary for 3 years, during which he was my manager on the UX team.

Above all, I was impressed with Gary’s ability to harness many different skills that are part of the design and development process. And, of course, his questioner mentality partnered with his ability to stay up on industry trends made me respect him even more.

Gary would be a true asset for any position requiring a strong grasp of UX methodologies and understanding of the development process and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Jim KozlowskiDigital UX Lead at CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

Photo of Erin Weigel

Collaboration, brainstorming, encouragement, and creative problem solving are just a few of the positive qualities Gary brings to the workplace.

Great designers don't just do their job 9-5, they live and breathe their work/industry, and Gary is one of those designers. His interest in all things tech, design and development are a part of him inherently, and it's refreshing to work with him. Gary not only stays on top of all of the latest best practices and web standards, he's also a thought leader as new technologies emerge and pose new design challenges. I would highly recommend Gary to any organization that needs an expert in the field of web design & development.

Erin Weigel
Principal Designer at

Photo of Christian Gloss

Gary is a very talented and passionate UI/UX designer, and experienced front-end developer. He throws himself into his work, and is always willing to step up and take on additional responsibilities. My time working directly with Gary was one of the most collaborative and fruitful experiences I have had in my career.

Christian Gloss
Senior Software Engineer at Anthem Engineering, LLC